After more than 30 years as a corporate sales executive at Xerox, I decided to pursue my passion for jewelry and fashion through designing beaded jewelry.

Since I was a young I have always had a passion for jewelry, clothing and decorating. Throughout my adult years I have created my own sense of fashion and decorating and finally took jewelry classes now that I had spare time.

My husband, son and I have traveled all over the world and have experienced varied cultures and collected many eclectic things. I kept looking at everything we had, and wished I could somehow turn them all into jewelry that reflected the same beauty.

I started creating my jewelry in the basement of my house, and with the help of family and friends who continue to inspire me I cannot resist when I find more stones, pendants, crystals, etc., to use them in creating a new design and continue to grow my portfolio of jewelry business.

Every piece that I create has a special meaning to me, as I usually designed it with a special person or a special place in mind. For example, my healing stone collection was inspired when my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I wanted my mom to be able to receive the benefits of the healing power that special stones and crystals possess but at the same time I also wanted her to be able to wear the stone with style. Since that day all the women in my family, my mom, aunts, sister, niece, and cousins have worn the crystal quartz necklace with the dove charm to provide my mom with the most healing power possible. Its making a difference.

This is my Buddha Bia!